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Notwithstanding section Exempted Signs, and except as provided by section Government Signs, the following signs and sign elements are prohibited.

A. No movable sign, temporary sign, or bench sign shall be permitted except as may be provided in section

B. No wind sign, device, or captive balloon shall be permitted except as may be provided in section , and

C. No flashing signs shall be permitted.

D. No sign shall have or consist of any moving, rotating, or otherwise animated part.

E. No three-dimensional statue, caricature, or representation of persons, animals, or merchandise shall be used as a sign or incorporated into a sign structure except as may be provided in

F. No public address system or sound devices shall be used in conjunction with any sign or advertising device.

G. No roof signs or signs which project above the roof shall be permitted.

H. No exposed sources of illumination shall be permitted on any sign, or for the decoration of any building, including, but not limited to, neon or fluorescent tubing and flashing incandescent bulbs, except when the source of illumination is within a building, and at least ten feet from a window which allows visibility from the public right-of-way, or when a sign is internally illuminated, or the source of light is fully shielded from the public view.

I. No signs that use plastic as part of the exterior visual effects or are internally illuminated in the Historic District, as identified in the Comprehensive Plan or in any residential zones shall be permitted.

J. No bulletin boards or signs with changeable copy shall be permitted, except as allowed in

K. No wall graphics shall be permitted.

L. No unofficial sign which purports to be, is an imitation of, or resembles an official traffic sign or signal, or which attempts to direct the movement of traffic, or which hides from view any official traffic sign or signal shall be permitted.

M. Vehicle signs used as static displays such that the primary purpose of the vehicle is the display of the sign, placed or parked on the public right-of-way for a continuous period of two days or more. Vehicles and equipment regularly used in the conduct of the business such as delivery vehicles, construction vehicles, fleet vehicles, or similar uses, shall not be subjected to this prohibition.