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The following general provisions shall govern all signs in addition to all other applicable provisions of this chapter.

A. Bulletin Board or Reader Board. Twenty percent of permitted sign area may be allowed as a bulletin board or reader board.

B. Placement of Signs.

1. Near Residential. No sign shall be located in a commercial or industrial zone so that it is primarily visible only from a residential zone.

2. Near Street Intersections. No signs in excess of 2 ½ feet in height shall be placed in the vision clearance area pursuant to the vision clearance area requirements in section

3. Near Driveways. No sign or portion of thereof shall be erected within ten feet of driveways unless the same is less than 2 ½ feet in height pursuant to the vision clearance area requirements in section

4. Future Street Right-of-Way. No sign or portion thereof shall be erected within future street right-of-ways, as depicted upon the Street Dedication Map, unless and until an agreement is recorded stipulating that the sign will be removed or relocated upon street improvements at no expense to the City.

C. Obstruction by Signs. No sign or portion thereof shall be placed so that it obstructs any fire escape, stairway, or standpipe; interferes with human exit through any window of any room located above the first floor of any building; obstructs any door or required exit from any building; or obstructs any required light or ventilation.

D. Unsafe or Illegal Signs.

1. If the Staff Advisor or Building Official finds that any sign is unsafe or insecure, or any sign erected or established under a Sign Permit has been carried out in violation of said permit or this chapter, he or she shall give written notice to the permittee or owner thereof to remove or alter such sign within seven days.

2. The Staff Advisor or Building Official may cause any sign that is an immediate peril to persons or property or sign erected without a permit to be removed immediately, and said sign shall not be re-established until a valid permit has been issued. Failure to remove or alter said signs as directed shall subject the permittee or owner to the penalties prescribed in this title.

3. Any person who erects, constructs, prints, paints, or otherwise makes a sign for which a Sign Permit or approval is required under chapter 18.4.7 without first having determined a permit has been obtained for such sign, has committed an infraction, and upon conviction thereof is punishable as prescribed in AMC 1.08.020. It shall not be a defense to this section that such person erected, constructed, printed, painted, or otherwise made the sign for another.

E. Abatement of Nuisance Signs. The following signs are hereby declared a public nuisance and shall be removed or the nuisance abated.

1. Flashing sign visible from a public street or highway.

2. Temporary, movable or portable signs located on the publicly owned right-of-way.

3. Illegal signs.

4. Signs in obvious disrepair that are not maintained according to the standards set forth in