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A. The requirements of chapter 18.4.7 apply to signs in all zones, except those specifically exempted, whenever a sign is altered, erected, or replaced.

B. Permitting.

1. A Sign Permit, granted through Ministerial review pursuant to section, is required in each of the following instances and prior to installing any sign to ensure compliance with City standards.

a. Upon the erection of any new sign except exempted signs.

b. To make alteration to an existing sign, including a change in the size or materials. Permits shall not be required for minor maintenance and repairs to existing signs or for changes in sign copy for conforming signs.

c. To alter an existing non-conforming sign, subject to section

d. To erect a temporary sign for a new business subject to

2. Submission Requirements. For the purposes of review by the Staff Advisor, a drawing to scale shall be submitted which indicates fully the material, color, texture, dimensions, shape, location, attachment to building and other structures, structural elements of the proposed sign, and the size and dimensions of any other signs located on the applicant's building or property.

3. Sign Permit Fee. The fee for a Sign Permit shall be as set forth in the annual Miscellaneous Fees and Charges, as adopted by the City Council. The fee for any sign that is erected without a Sign Permit shall be double the regular sign fee.

C. Temporary Signs for New Businesses. The Staff Advisor can issue a permit for a temporary sign for new businesses for a period not to exceed seven days. A permit is required for these signs but the permit fee is waived.

D. Exceptions and Variances. Requests to depart from the requirements of sections General Regulations, Nonconforming Signs, and Historic Signs are subject to chapter 18.5.5 Variances. Exceptions and Variances to the remaining sections of chapter 18.4.7 Signs are prohibited.