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A. Storm Drainage Plan Approval. Development permits for storm drainage and surface water management plans must be approved by the City Engineer and Building Official.

B. Accommodation of Upstream Drainage. Culverts and other drainage facilities shall be sized to accommodate existing and projected future runoff from upstream drainage area, considering the City’s adopted facility master plans and applicable standards. Such facilities shall be subject to review and approval by the City Engineer.

C. Effect on Downstream Drainage. Where it is anticipated by the City Engineer that the additional runoff resulting from the development would overload an existing drainage facility, the City shall withhold approval of the development until provisions have been made for improvement of the potential condition or until provisions have been made for storage of additional runoff caused by the development in accordance with City standards.

D. Over-Sizing. The authority may require as a condition of approval that the storm drainage system serving new development shall be sized to accommodate future development within the area as projected by the applicable facility master plan; and the City may authorize other cost recovery or cost-sharing methods as provided under state law.

E. Existing Watercourse. Where a watercourse, drainage way, channel, or stream traverses a proposed development site, there shall be provided a storm water easement or drainage right-of-way conforming substantially with the boundary or centerline of such watercourse, as applicable, and such further width as will be adequate for conveyance and maintenance to protect the public health and safety.