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A. Sewers and Water Mains Required. All new development is required to connect to city water and sanitary sewer systems. Sanitary sewer and water system improvements must be installed to serve new development and to connect developments to existing mains, considering the City’s adopted facility master plans and applicable standards. Where streets are required to be stubbed to the edge of the development, sewer and water system improvements, and other utilities, must also be stubbed with the streets, except where alternate alignment(s) are approved by the City Engineer.

B. Sewer and Water Plan Approval. Development permits for sewer and water improvements in the public right-of-way or public easements must be approved by the City Engineer.

C. Over-Sizing. The approval authority may require as a condition of approval that sewer and water lines serving new development be sized to accommodate future development within the area as projected by the applicable facility master plans; and the City may authorize other cost-recovery or cost-sharing methods as provided under state law.

D. Inadequate Facilities. Development permits may be restricted or rationed by the City where a deficiency exists in the existing water or sewer system that cannot be rectified by the development and which if not rectified will result in a threat to public health or safety, surcharging of existing mains, or violations of state or federal standards pertaining to operation of domestic water and sewerage treatment systems.