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A. Applicability. Chapter 18.4.6 applies to all new development, including projects subject to Land Division (Subdivision or Partition) approval and developments subject to Site Design Review, where public facility improvements are required. All public facility improvements within the City shall occur in accordance with the standards and procedures of this chapter.

B. Exceptions and Variances. Requests to depart from the requirements of this chapter are subject to chapter 18.5.5 Variances, except that deviations from section Street Design Standards are subject to Exceptions to the Street Design Standards, below.

1. Exception to the Street Design Standards. The approval authority may approve exceptions to the standards section in Street Design Standards if all of the following circumstances are found to exist.

a. There is demonstrable difficulty in meeting the specific requirements of this chapter due to a unique or unusual aspect of the site or proposed use of the site.

b. The exception will result in equal or superior transportation facilities and connectivity considering the following factors where applicable.

i. For transit facilities and related improvements, access, wait time, and ride experience.

ii. For bicycle facilities, feeling of safety, quality of experience (i.e., comfort level of bicycling along the roadway), and frequency of conflicts with vehicle cross traffic.

iii. For pedestrian facilities, feeling of safety, quality of experience (i.e., comfort level of walking along roadway), and ability to safety and efficiency crossing roadway.

c. The exception is the minimum necessary to alleviate the difficulty.

d. The exception is consistent with the Purpose and Intent of the Street Standards in subsection