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A. Tree Protection Plan. A tree protection plan shall be approved by the Staff Advisor concurrent with applications for Type I, Type II, and Type III planning actions. If tree removal is proposed, a Tree Removal Permit pursuant to chapter 18.5.7 may be required.

B. Tree Protection Plan Submission Requirements. In order to obtain approval of a tree protection plan; an applicant shall submit a plan to the City, which clearly depicts all trees to be preserved and/or removed on the site. The plan must be drawn to scale and include the following.

1. Location, species, and diameter of each tree on site and within 15 feet of the site.

2. Location of the drip line of each tree.

3. An inventory of the health and hazard of each tree on site, and recommendations for treatment for each tree.

4. Location of existing and proposed roads, water, sanitary and storm sewer, irrigation, and other utility lines/facilities and easements.

5. Location of dry wells, drain lines and soakage trenches.

6. Location of proposed and existing structures.

7. Grade change or cut and fill during or after construction.

8. Existing and proposed impervious surfaces.

9. Identification of a contact person and/or arborist who will be responsible for implementing and maintaining the approved tree protection plan.

10. Location and type of tree protection measures to be installed per section

C. Tree Protection Measures Required.

1. Chain link fencing, a minimum of six feet tall with steel posts placed no farther than ten feet apart, shall be installed at the edge of the tree protection zone or dripline, whichever is greater, and at the boundary of any open space tracts, riparian areas, or conservation easements that abut the parcel being developed.

2. The fencing shall be flush with the initial undisturbed grade.

3. Approved signs shall be attached to the chain link fencing stating that inside the fencing is a tree protection zone, not to be disturbed unless prior approval has been obtained from the Staff Advisor for the project.

4. No construction activity shall occur within the tree protection zone, including, but not limited to dumping or storage of materials such as building supplies, soil, waste items, equipment, or parked vehicles.

5. The tree protection zone shall remain free of chemically injurious materials and liquids such as paints, thinners, cleaning solutions, petroleum products, concrete or dry wall excess, and construction debris or run-off.

6. No excavation, trenching, grading, root pruning, or other activity shall occur within the tree protection zone unless approved by the Staff Advisor.

7. Except as otherwise determined by the Staff Advisor, all required tree protection measures set forth in this section shall be instituted prior to any development activities, including, but not limited to clearing, grading, excavation, or demolition work, and shall be removed only after completion of all construction activity, including landscaping and irrigation installation.

D. Inspection. The applicant shall not proceed with any construction activity, except installation of erosion control measures, until the City has inspected and approved the installation of the required tree protection measures and a building and/or grading permit has been issued by the City.