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A. Minimum Number of Off-Street Automobile Parking Spaces. Off-street parking shall be provided pursuant to one of the following three methods and shall include required Disabled Person Parking.

1. Standard Ratios for Automobile Parking. The standards in Table

2. Unspecified Use. Where automobile parking requirements for any use are not specifically listed in Table, such requirements shall be determined by the Staff Advisor based upon the most comparable use specified in this section, and other available data.

3. Parking Demand Analysis. The approval authority through a discretionary review may approve a parking standard that is different than the standards under subsections and, above, as follows:

a. The applicant submits a parking demand analysis with supporting data prepared by a professional engineer, planner, architect, landscape architect, or other qualified professional;

b. The parking analysis, at a minimum, shall assess the average parking demand and available supply for existing and proposed uses on the subject site; opportunities for shared parking with other uses in the vicinity; existing public parking in the vicinity; transportation options existing or planned near the site, such as frequent bus service, carpools, or private shuttles; and other relevant factors. The parking demand analysis option may be used in conjunction with, or independent of, the options provided under section, Parking Management Strategies.

c. The review procedure shall be the same as for the main project application.

B. Maximum Number of Off-Street Automobile Parking Spaces. The number of spaces provided by any particular use in ground surface lots shall not exceed the number of spaces required by this chapter by more than ten percent. Spaces provided on-street, or within the building footprint of structures, such as in rooftop parking, or under-structure parking, or in multi-level parking above or below surface lots, shall not apply towards the maximum number of allowable spaces.

C. Commercial Downtown Zone. All uses within the C-1-D zone, except for hotel, motel, and hostel uses, are exempt from the off-street parking requirements of this section.

D. North Mountain Plan District. Within the Neighborhood Central zone of the North Mountain (NM) Neighborhood Plan district, all uses are exempt from the off-street parking requirements of this section, except that residential uses are required to provide a minimum of one parking space per residential unit. (Ord. 3167 § 11, amended, 12/18/2018)