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All development under this chapter shall conform to the following setback standards, which are in addition to the requirements of the applicable zone.

A. Front Yard Setback. Front yard setbacks shall follow the requirements of the underlying district.

B. Building Separation. The minimum separation between two buildings must be half of the height of the tallest building, where building height is measured at the two closest exterior walls, and the maximum required separation is 12 feet. See Figure For cottage housing developments, the minimum separation between two buildings shall be reduced to six feet in accordance with section See also, definitions of height of building or structure, and grade or ground level in part 18.6. This standard does not apply to nonresidential zoning districts including C-1, C-1-D, E-1, CM, and M-1.

Figure Building Separation

C. Solar Setback. Solar setbacks shall meet the requirements of section 18.4.8.

D. Perimeter Setback. Setbacks along the perimeter of the development shall have the same setbacks as required in the parent zone.

E. Building Envelope for Single-Family Structure. Any single-family structure not shown on the plan must meet the setback requirements established in the building envelope on the Outline Plan. (Ord. 3147 § 6, amended, 11/21/2017)