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All development under this chapter shall conform to the following parking standards, which are in addition to the requirements of chapter 18.4.3, Parking, Access, and Circulation.

A. On-Street Parking Required. At least one on-street parking space per dwelling unit shall be provided, in addition to the off-street parking requirements for all developments in an R-1 zone, with the exception of cottage housing developments, and for all developments in R-2 and R-3 zones that create or improve public streets.

B. On-Street Parking Standards. On-street parking spaces shall be immediately adjacent to the public right-of-way on publicly or association-owned land and be directly accessible from public right-of-way streets. On-street parking spaces shall be located within 200 feet of the dwelling that it is intended to serve. In addition, on-street public parking may be provided pursuant to minimum criteria established under subsection

C. Signing of Streets. The installation of “No Parking” signs regulating parking in the public right-of-way and any other signs related to the regulation of on-street parking shall be consistent with the Street Standards in, and shall be consistent with the respective City planning approval. (Ord. 3147 § 6, amended, 11/21/2017)