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A. This chapter applies to properties designated as SO on the Zoning Map. The Southern Oregon University (SOU) district implements the Campus Master Plan Update for Southern Oregon University dated April 12, 2010, with all conditions added by the Planning Commission and City Council, as adopted and incorporated into the Comprehensive Plan by Ordinance No. 3014 on June 1, 2010. It can be applied to all areas now or hereinafter owned by the State of Oregon acting by and through the State Board of Higher Education, and located within the SOU boundary, as shown on the SOU Plan, adopted by SOU and approved by the City.

B. This chapter, together with chapters 18.5.2 Site Design Review, 18.4.3 Parking, Access, and Circulation, and 18.4.7 Signs are the only portions of this ordinance to be effective within the SOU zone; except that areas within 50 feet of privately owned land are subject to chapter 18.5.4 Conditional Use Permits. In addition, the creation or vacation of public streets or public ways shall be subject to mutual agreement between the City and SOU and all other applicable laws.

Figure Southern Oregon University District