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A. Minimum Lot Area. Minimum lot area shall be 5,000 square feet.

B. Minimum Lot Width. Minimum lot width shall be 50 feet.

C. Minimum Lot Depth. All lots shall have a minimum depth of 80 feet. No lot depth shall be more than two and one-half times its width.

D. Standard Yard Requirements.

1. Front yard, 20 feet

2. Side yards (interior), six feet

3. Street-Side yard/side yard abutting a public street, ten feet.

4. Rear yard, ten feet, plus ten feet for each story in excess of one story.

E. Special Yards - Distances Between Buildings.

1. The distance between any primary structure and accessory building shall be a minimum of ten feet.

2. An inner court providing access to a double-row dwelling group shall be a minimum of 20 feet.

F. Maximum Height. No structure shall be over 35 feet in height.

G. Maximum Coverage. Maximum lot coverage shall be 65 percent.

H. Solar Access. In addition to the above minimum requirements, compliance with chapter 18.4.8 Solar Access is required.