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A. Transit Triangle (TT) Overlay Designation. This chapter applies to properties designated as Transit Triangle (TT) overlay on the Site Design Zones map, and pursuant to the Transit Triangle overlay development standards and map adopted by Ordinance No. 3168 (December 2018).

B. TT Overlay Option. The TT overlay may be used to develop residential and commercially zoned land located in the TT overlay, but is not mandatory. Development using the TT overlay option shall meet all of the provisions of this chapter and all other applicable sections of the ordinance codified in this chapter, except as otherwise provided in this chapter. The provisions of this chapter do not apply to development located in the TT overlay that does not elect to fully exercise the TT overlay option.

C. Pedestrian Places Overlay. The Pedestrian Places overlay and associated development standards do not apply to properties electing to develop under the Transit Triangle (TT) overlay option.

D. Governing Standards. Notwithstanding the provision of chapter 18.2.2, Base Zones, additional use restrictions and land use standards apply within the TT overlay. Where the provisions of this chapter conflict with comparable standards described in any other ordinance, resolution or regulation, the provisions of the TT overlay shall govern.

E. Exceptions and Variances. Requests to depart from the requirements of this chapter are subject to chapter 18.5.5, Variances, except that deviations from the standards in section for minimum residential density and subsections and are subject to subsection, Exception to the Site Development and Design Standards.

Figure Transit Triangle (TT) Overlay

(Ord. 3166 § 2 (part), added, 12/18/2018)