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A. Severe Constraint Lands are extremely sensitive to development, grading, filling, or vegetation removal and, whenever possible, alternative development should be considered.

B. Development of floodways is not permitted except for bridges and road crossings. Such crossings shall be designed to pass the 100-year flood without raising the upstream flood height more than six inches.

C. Development on lands greater than 35 percent slope shall meet all requirements of section Development Standards for Hillside Lands in addition to the requirements of this section.

D. Development of land or approval for a planning action shall be allowed only when the following study has been accomplished. An engineering geologic study approved by the Public Works Director and Planning Director establishes that the site is stable for the proposed use and development. The study shall include the following information.

1. Index map.

2. Project description to include location, topography, drainage, vegetation, discussion of previous work and discussion of field exploration methods.

3. Site geology, based on a surficial survey, to include site geologic maps, description of bedrock and surficial materials, including artificial fill, locations of any faults, folds, etc., and structural data including bedding, jointing and shear zones, soil depth, and soil structure.

4. Discussion of any off-site geologic conditions that may pose a potential hazard to the site, or that may be affected by on-site development.

5. Suitability of site for proposed development from a geologic standpoint.

6. Specific recommendations for cut slope stability, seepage and drainage control, or other design criteria to mitigate geologic hazards.

7. If deemed necessary by the engineer or geologist to establish whether an area to be affected by the proposed development is stable, additional studies and supportive data shall include cross-sections showing subsurface structure, graphic logs with subsurface exploration, results of laboratory test and references.

8. Signature and registration number of the engineer and/or geologist.

9. Additional information or analyses as necessary to evaluate the site.