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A. The following standards apply to new single-family dwellings and duplexes constructed in the R-1, R-1-3.5, R-2, and R-3 zones; the standards do not apply to dwellings in the WR or RR zones.

B. Single-family dwellings and duplexes subject to this section shall utilize at least two of the following design features to provide visual relief along the front of the residence:

1. Dormers;

2. Gables;

3. Recessed entries;

4. Covered porch entries;

5. Cupolas;

6. Pillars or posts;

7. Bay window (min. 12" projection);

8. Eaves (min. 6" projection);

9. Off-sets in building face or roof (min. 16"). (Ord. 3199 § 11, amended, 06/15/2021)