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Accessory buildings and structures shall comply with all requirements for the principal use, except where specifically modified by this ordinance, and shall comply with the following limitations:

A. Setback Yard Exceptions. See subsection

B. Guesthouse. A guesthouse may be maintained accessory to a single-family dwelling provided there are no kitchen cooking facilities in the guesthouse.

C. Greenhouse or Hothouse. A greenhouse or hothouse may be maintained accessory to a dwelling in a residential zone. See section for homegrown marijuana cultivation and production requirements.

D. Livestock Structures. Except as provided for micro-livestock in subsection, below, barns, stables, and other structures shall be located a minimum of 50 feet from any property line, and structures housing large livestock shall be more than 100 feet from dwellings on adjoining properties.

E. Micro-Livestock Enclosure. An enclosure housing micro-livestock may be maintained in a residential district, pursuant to section Enclosures shall be constructed as follows:

1. The structure shall not be located in a required front yard.

2. The structures shall be setback a minimum of ten feet from abutting properties as illustrated in Figure

3. The structures shall be at least 20 feet from dwellings on adjoining properties. Within a multifamily complex, structures must also be located at least 20 feet from any dwelling within the complex.

4. The structures shall not exceed six feet in height.

5. Chicken coops and rabbit hutches shall not exceed 40 square feet in area, or four square feet per animal, whichever is greater.

6. Chicken and rabbit runs, as enclosed outdoor structures, shall not exceed 100 square feet in area, or ten square feet per animal, whichever is greater.

Figure Micro-Livestock Enclosure/Minimum Setback to Property Line

F. Rain Barrels. Rain barrels may be located within required side or rear yards provided such installation and operation is consistent with other provisions of this ordinance or the Ashland Municipal Code, and meet the all of the following requirements:

1. Rain barrels shall not exceed six feet in height.

2. Rain barrels shall be located so that a minimum clear width of three feet is provided and maintained between the barrel and property line.

3. Rain barrels shall be secured and installed on a sturdy and level foundation, or platform, designed to support the rain barrel's full weight.

4. Every attempt shall be made to place rain barrels so that they are screened from view of adjacent properties and public streets.