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Manufactured dwellings relocated into the City shall conform to City standards. Manufactured homes are permitted on individual lots, subject to all of the following design standards.

A. Floor Plan. The manufactured home shall be multi-sectional and have an enclosed floor area of not less than 1,000 square feet.

B. Roof. The manufactured home shall have a pitched roof with a slope not less than 3 feet in height for each 12 feet in width (14 degrees).

C. Residential Building Materials. The manufactured home shall have exterior siding and roofing which in color, material, and appearance are similar or superior to the exterior siding and roof material used on nearby residences (e.g., horizontal wood or wood-appearance siding is considered “superior” to metal siding and roofing).

D. Garages and Carports. If the manufactured home has a garage or carport, the garage or carport shall be constructed of materials like those used on the house.

E. Thermal Envelope. The manufactured home shall be certified by the manufacturer to meet the thermal envelope requirements equivalent to those for a single-family dwelling constructed under the building code. Evidence demonstrating that the manufactured home meets “Super Good Cents” energy efficiency standards, or equivalent standard, is deemed to satisfy the exterior thermal envelope certification requirement.

F. Placement. The manufactured home shall be placed on an excavated and back-filled foundation and enclosed at the perimeter such that it complies with the applicable building code requirements, including the height above grade, and the minimum set-up standards of the adopted state Administrative Rules for Manufactured Dwellings, OAR 918.

G. Floodplain. Manufactured homes shall comply with chapter 18.3.10 Physical and Environmental Constraints.

H. Foundation Skirt. The foundation area of the manufactured home shall be fully skirted with concrete, horizontal wood, or vinyl siding, or other materials, pursuant to applicable building codes.

I. Design Features. The manufactured home shall incorporate at least two of the single-family design features in section

J. Prohibited. The manufactured home shall not be located in a designated historic district.