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In the E-1 zone, the manufacture of food products is subject to all of the following requirements.

A. The use shall not include the rendering of fats or oils.

B. Where the use is located within 200 feet of a residential zone, it shall meet all of the following requirements.

1. All objectionable odors associated with the use shall be confined to the lot upon which the use is located, to the greatest extent feasible. For the purposes of this provision, the standard for judging “objectionable odors” shall be that of an average, reasonable person with ordinary sensibilities after taking into consideration the character of the neighborhood in which the odor is made and the odor is detected. Odors that are in violation of this section include but are not limited to the following.

a. Odors from solvents, chemicals, or toxic substances.

b. Odors from fermenting food products.

c. Odors from decaying organic substances or human or animal waste.

2. Mechanical equipment shall be located on the roof or the side of a building with the least exposure to residential zones. Provided, however, that it may be located at any other location on or within the structure or lot where the noise emanating from the equipment is no louder, as measured from the nearest residential zone, than if located on the side of the building with least exposure to residential zones. Mechanical equipment shall be fully screened and buffered.