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Duplexes are permitted outright with an approved building permit provided the duplex meets all of the following requirements:

A. The duplex is located in a residential zone including the R-1, R-1-3.5, RR, WR, R-2, R-3, NN, and NM zones.

B. One duplex is allowed per lot and the maximum number of dwellings shall not exceed two per lot.

C. Duplexes are not subject to the maximum density or minimum lot area requirements of the zone, except that duplexes in a cottage housing development shall meet the density requirements of subsection

D. Duplexes shall be included for the purposes of meeting minimum density calculation requirements for the R-2 and R-3 zones in subsection and for residential annexations in subsection

E. The proposal shall conform to the applicable dimensional standards in chapter 18.2.5, Standards for Residential Zones, including but not limited to lot coverage, setbacks, and building height, except that nonconforming structures meeting the requirements of section, Nonconforming Structures, may be converted to a duplex.

F. Parking spaces shall meet the vehicle area design requirements of section, except that parking spaces, turn-arounds, and driveways are exempt from the requirements in subsections and 2 and paving requirements in subsection (Ord. 3229 § 3, amended, 12/19/2023; Ord. 3199 § 6, amended, 06/15/2021)