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Where drive-up uses are allowed they are subject to all of the following criteria.

A. Drive-up uses are allowed only in the C-1 zone, and they are limited to the area east of a line drawn perpendicular to Ashland Street at the intersection of Ashland Street and Siskiyou Boulevard. The number of drive-up uses shall not exceed the 12 in existence on July 1, 1984.

B. Drive-up uses are subject to the following standards:

1. The average waiting time in line for each vehicle shall not exceed five minutes. Failure to maintain this average waiting time may be grounds for revocation of the approval.

2. All facilities providing drive-up service shall provide a waiting area to accommodate at least two customer vehicles outside of the queue immediately beyond the service window or provide other satisfactory methods to allow customers requiring excessive waiting time to receive service.

3. A means of egress for vehicular customers who wish to leave the waiting line shall be provided.

4. The grade of the stacking area to the drive-up shall either be flat or downhill to eliminate excessive fuel consumption and exhaust during the wait in line.

5. The drive-up shall be designed to provide as much natural ventilation as possible to eliminate the buildup of exhaust gases.

6. Sufficient stacking area shall be provided to ensure that public rights-of-way are not obstructed.

7. The sound level of communications systems shall not exceed 55 decibels at the property line and shall otherwise comply with the Ashland Municipal Code regarding sound levels.

8. Drive-up uses may be transferred to another location in accord with all requirements of this section. The number of drive-up window stalls shall not exceed one per location, even if the transferred use had greater than one stall.

9. A ministerial Drive-Up Transfer permit shall be obtained for the transfer of any drive-up uses when such transfer is not associated with a Site Design Review or Conditional Use Permit application in order to document transfer of the use.

10. Drive-up uses discontinued without a Drive-Up Transfer permit shall be deemed to have expired after being unused for six months. Discontinuation of a drive-up use is considered to have occurred when the Staff Advisor documents the drive-up use as having ceased on site through a planning application review, or upon on-site verification.

11. All components of a drive-up use shall be removed within 60 days of discontinuation of the use through abandonment, transfer, relocation, or redevelopment.

C. Drive-up uses are prohibited in the Historic District Overlay except that the four existing nonconforming financial institution drive-up uses in operation in the Historic District Overlay as of August 7, 2012 may redevelop or relocate within the C-1 and C-1-D zones in the Historic District Overlay subject to the following additional requirements:

1. Relocation or redevelopment of a drive-up use within the C-1 or C-1-D zones in the Historic District Overlay shall be subject to Site Design Review in chapter 18.5.2 through a Type II procedure in section

2. Relocated or redeveloped drive-up uses shall be placed on a secondary building elevation, and accessed for an alley or driveway.

3. Driveways serving relocated or redeveloped drive-up uses shall not enter from or exit to a higher order street frontage or through a primary building elevation. Driveways or queuing lanes shall not be placed between a building and the right-of-way other than an alley.

4. No demolition of or exterior change to a building considered to be a historic resource shall be permitted to accommodate the relocation or redevelopment of a drive-up use.

5. Regardless of the number of drive-up windows/lanes in use in the current location, with a relocation or remodel the number of windows/lanes shall be reduced to one. (Ord. 3229 § 3, amended, 12/19/2023)