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Commercial excavation and removal of earth products are subject to all of the following requirements.

A. Before a Conditional Use Permit for the commercial excavation and removal of earth products can be granted, plans and specifications showing the location of premises, grading plan, existing and proposed drainage, proposed truck access, and details of re-grading and re-vegetation of the site shall be submitted to and approved by, the Planning Commission.

B. Any deviation from plans approved by the Commission serves as grounds to revoke the Conditional Use Permit.

C. In reviewing the application, the Commission may consider the most appropriate use of the land, distances from property lines, the protection of pedestrians and vehicles, the prevention of the collection and stagnation of water at all stages of the operation, and the rehabilitation of the land upon termination of operation.

D. The City may require a bond to ensure performance.

E. Any expansion of a nonconforming commercial excavation shall require a Conditional Use Permit. An expansion is defined as removal of additional undisturbed topsoil or vegetation or otherwise enlarging the area that had been mined, commonly referred to as the quarry face or active quarry area.