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Unless otherwise specified, zoning boundaries are lot lines, the centerlines of streets, and railroad right-of-way, or such lines extended. Where due to the scale, lack of scale, lack of detail or illegibility of the Zoning Map, or due to any other reason, there is uncertainty, contradiction or conflict as to the intended location of a zoning boundary, the Staff Advisor or, upon referral, the Planning Commission or City Council, shall determine the boundary as follows:

A. Rights-of-way. Boundaries that approximately follow the centerlines of a street, highway, alley, bridge, railroad, or other right-of-way shall be construed to follow such centerlines. Whenever any public right-of-way is lawfully vacated, the lands formerly within the vacated right-of-way shall automatically be subject to the same zoning designation that is applicable to lands abutting the vacated areas. In cases where the right-of-way formerly served as a zoning boundary, the vacated lands within the former right-of-way shall be allocated proportionately to the abutting zones.

B. Parcel, lot, tract. Where a zoning boundary splits a lot into two zones and the minimum width or depth of a divided area is 20 feet or less, the entire lot shall be placed in the zone that accounts for the greater area of the lot by the adjustment of the zoning boundary. Where a zoning boundary splits a lot into two zones and the minimum width and depth of both divided areas is greater than 20 feet, the lot shall have split zoning with lot area designated proportionately to each zone.

C. Jurisdiction boundary. Boundaries indicated as approximately following a City or County boundary, or the Urban Growth Boundary, shall be construed as following said boundary.

D. Natural features. Boundaries indicated as approximately following the centerlines of a river or stream, a topographic contour, or similar feature not corresponding to any feature listed in section, above, shall be construed as following such feature.