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For the purpose of this ordinance, the City is divided into zones designated and depicted on the Zoning Map, pursuant to the Comprehensive Plan Map, and summarized in Table


Base Zones

Overlay Zones

Residential - Woodland (WR)

Airport Overlay

Detail Site Review Overlay

Residential - Rural (RR)

Downtown Design Standards Overlay

Residential - Single-Family (R-1-10, R-1-7.5, and R-1-5)

Freeway Sign Overlay

Residential - Suburban (R-1-3.5)

Historic District Overlay

Residential - Low Density Multiple Family (R-2)

Pedestrian Place Overlay

Residential - High Density Multiple Family (R-3)

Performance Standards Options Overlay

Commercial (C-1)

Physical and Environmental Constraints Overlay

Commercial - Downtown (C-1-D)

-Hillside Lands

Employment (E-1)

-Floodplain Corridor Lands

-Severe Constraints Lands

Industrial (M-1)

-Water Resources

-Wildfire Lands

Special Districts

Croman Mill District (CM)

Residential Overlay

Transit Triangle Overlay

Health Care Services District (HC)

Normal Neighborhood District (NN)

North Mountain Neighborhood District (NM)

Southern Oregon University District (SOU)

(Ord. 3167 § 1, amended, 12/18/2018)