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A. Time Period. Any zoning permit or planning action granted in accordance with the terms of this ordinance shall be deemed revoked if not used within 18 months from date of approval, unless another time period is specified in another section of this ordinance.

B. Permit Activation. Said permit shall not be deemed used until the permittee has obtained a building permit and commenced construction in compliance with permits and approvals for the project or has commenced the permitted use of the premises in compliance with this ordinance.

C. Extension Application. If an application for extension pursuant to section, below, is deemed complete for processing prior to the timetable expiration date, the permit or action shall not expire by operation of this section unless the application is abandoned or not approved or denied within 90 days.

D. Appeal or Court Proceeding. Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, in the event a LUBA appeal or a Circuit Court proceeding is filed concerning a final land use decision of the City, the timetable of development is deemed tolled or suspended from the date of the final decision of the City until final resolution of all appeals or final action on remand, whichever is later, not to exceed 24 months. After resolution of all such appeals or remands, timetables shall be adjusted in writing by the Staff Advisor to reflect this automatic tolling, regardless of the approval authority.