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A. Exempt Alterations. Repair and maintenance of a nonconforming development (e.g., paved area, parking area, landscaping) are allowed subject to approval of required building permits if the development is not enlarged or altered in a way that brings the nonconforming site less in conformity with this ordinance. See also, section related to nonconforming uses in Water Resource Protection zones.

B. Planning Approval Required. A nonconforming development may be enlarged or altered subject to approval of a Conditional Use Permit under chapter 18.5.4 and approval of required building permits, except that a planning action is not required for exempt alterations described in subsection, above, and for non-residential development subject to subsection

C. Roadway Access. The owner of a nonconforming driveway approach or access to a public street or highway, upon receiving land use or development approval, may be required as a condition of approval to bring the nonconforming access into conformance with the standards of the approval authority.

D. Destruction. A legal nonconforming development that is damaged by means beyond the owner’s control, such as fire, flood, earthquake, or similar catastrophe, to an extent of 50 percent or more of its replacement cost, may be restored or reconstructed within the original three-dimensional building envelope (i.e., relative to coverage, height, setbacks, and other dimensions of the developed area) provided the nonconformity shall not increase.