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Chapter 18.1.4 contains standards and procedures for the continuation of uses, structures, developments and lots that are lawfully established but do not comply with current ordinance standards (“nonconforming situations”). The chapter is intended to protect public health, safety, and general welfare, while allowing reasonable use of private property. Nonconforming situations are not necessarily considered a negative influence on a neighborhood; rather the benefits of continuing a nonconformity should be weighed against impacts to the neighborhood. The chapter contains four sections as follows:

A. Nonconforming uses (e.g., commercial use in a residential zone) are subject to section;

B. Nonconforming structures (e.g., structure does not meet setback standards) are subject to section;

C. Nonconforming developments (e.g., site does not meet landscaping standards) are subject to section;

D. Nonconforming lots (e.g., lot smaller than minimum area standard) are subject to section