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A. Official Action. The Staff Advisor, Planning Commission, and City Council are “City officials” vested with authority to issue permits and grant approvals in conformance with this ordinance, pursuant to part 18.5 Application Review Procedures and Approval Criteria. City officials shall not issue or grant a permit or approval for any development or use that violates or fails to comply with conditions or standards imposed to carry out this ordinance.

B. Void Future Actions. Any permit or approval issued or granted in conflict with the provisions of this ordinance shall be void, unless the City modifies it in conformance with this ordinance. The Staff Advisor shall determine when an approval is void and, as applicable, he or she shall refer it back to the decision body for modification to ensure compliance.

C. Referral to Planning Commission. In addition to those actions that require Planning Commission approval, the Staff Advisor may refer any question or permit request to the Commission, who then shall take action on the request pursuant to the applicable provisions of this ordinance. See also, chapter 18.1.5 Ordinance Interpretations and part 18.5 Application Review Procedures and Approval Criteria.

D. Notices, Filing, and Validity of Actions. The failure of any person to receive mailed notice or failure to post or file a notice, staff report, or form shall not invalidate any actions pursuant to this ordinance, provided a good faith effort was made to notify all parties entitled to such notice report or form. See chapter 18.5.1 General Review Procedures.