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A. Zoning of Areas to be Annexed. Concurrent with annexation of land, the City Council, upon considering the recommendation of the Planning Commission, shall enact an ordinance applying applicable zoning designation(s) to the subject land, pursuant with chapter 18.5.8. The Comprehensive Plan shall guide the designation of zoning for annexed areas.

B. Land Use Ordinance and Zoning Map. The City’s official Zoning Map (“Zoning Map”), which may be published, amended, and filed separately from this ordinance, is part of this ordinance. The zoning districts depicted on the Zoning Map correspond to the zoning districts in this ordinance. In addition, this ordinance may contain zoning regulations for special areas, (i.e., overlay zones), and for certain uses or structures that do not appear on the Zoning Map.

C. Interpreting the Zoning Map. Except as otherwise specified by this ordinance, the City’s zoning boundaries are as designated on the Zoning Map, which is kept on file at City Hall. The City may adopt and publish supplemental zoning and land use control maps where it is impractical to illustrate all regulated features on one map; examples of regulated features include but are not limited to historical landmarks, floodplain corridor boundaries, local wetland inventories, and specific area plans. In addition, the City may require field verification and mapping (e.g., survey) of a regulated feature as part of a development application, where the feature is thought to exist on or adjacent to the subject property but its exact location is unknown.

D. Boundary Lines. Zoning district boundaries are determined pursuant to section

E. Changes to Official Zoning Map. Proposed changes to the Zoning Map are subject to review and approval under chapter 18.5.9