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A. Provisions of Land Use Ordinance Declared to be Minimum Requirements. The provisions of this ordinance, in their interpretation and application, are minimum requirements, adopted for the protection of the public health, safety, and general welfare.

B. Highest Standard or Requirement Applies. Where a requirement of this ordinance varies from another provision of this ordinance or with other applicable regulations, the highest standard or regulation shall govern.

C. Tenses. Words used in the present tense include the future; the singular form includes the plural; and the plural includes the singular.

D. Requirements versus Guidelines. Use of the word “shall,” “must,” “required,” “prohibited” or similar directive term means the ordinance provision is a requirement. Use of the word “should,” “encouraged,” “recommended,” “may,” or similar term, means the provision is a guideline. Guidelines are intended to assist City decision-making bodies where certain land use actions require the exercise of discretion.

E. Interpreting Illustrations. This ordinance contains illustrations, photographs, and ordinance “graphics,” which are intended to serve as examples of development design that either meet or do not meet particular ordinance standards. Except where a graphic contains a specific numerical standard or uses the word “shall,” “must,” “required,” or “prohibited,” strict adherence to the graphic is not required.

F. Severability. The provisions of this ordinance are severable; where any section, sentence, clause, or phrase is judged to be invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, that decision shall not affect the validity of the remaining portion of the ordinance.