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A. Except as provided in 9.16.015.B or C, a dog under the control of its keeper must be currently licensed pursuant to the applicable rules and regulations of the county or city where the keeper of the dog resides.

1. Except when a dog is confined to its keeper’s premises or displayed in exhibition, its license tag, or other proof of licensing, must be attached securely to a collar or harness on the dog.

2. A license issued for a particular dog may not be transferred to a different dog or affixed to a collar or harness of a different dog.

3. It is unlawful for any person to steal or remove the license tag from any dog.

B. The requirement in 9.16.015.A for licensing a dog may be satisfied if the keeper presented a current, valid rabies vaccination certificate for such dog upon request from a City of Ashland law enforcement officer. A Citation for violation of the dog licensing requirement in 9.16.015.A shall be dismissed if the dog’s keeper subsequently presents to City of Ashland Municipal Court a valid rabies vaccination certificate for such dog that was current when the citation was issued.

C. The license requirement in 9.16.015.A does not apply to a dog that is less than six (6) months old.

D. Violation of this section is a Class IV violation and is subject to the laws and rules for a municipal court appearance and the enforcement of Persistent Violations, AMC 10.120. (Ord. 3112, amended, 2015)