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A. The regulations in this section shall apply to properties that have access to Calle Guanajuato, that area of Lithia Park that is between Winburn Way and North Main Street, and between the Plaza and Granite Street.

B. In addition to the regulations on junk contained in this chapter, junk shall only be stored within a building, in an area completely enclosed from view that is closed tightly so that flies, odors, junk, liquids, and vermin cannot escape from the junk and affect Calle Guanajuato.

C. The Council may approve a storage device which may be used on private land that is not entirely enclosed in a building, if, in the Council’s opinion, it provides sufficient protection from odors, waste materials, waste liquids, oils, fats, and flies.

D. The Council may set aside a common area for storage of junk and recyclable materials for the use of businesses located on properties that have access to Calle Guanajuato. The Council shall assess each business its pro-rata share of the costs of disposal of junk from the common area. Every business shall be assumed to benefit from the disposal area unless it has an area for its own use that is entirely enclosed within a building, and of sufficient size to accommodate the junk and other waste produced by the business.

E. In assessing the pro-rata share of disposal costs to a business, the Council may use average waste produced or expected to be produced by that type of business. The costs shall be assessed on the normal electric utility bill, and be the responsibility of the person to whom the electric utility account is registered.

F. It is a violation of this ordinance for a person to use the common area for disposal if they are not being assessed for the costs of the disposal of junk from that area.

G. Storage and disposal of junk on Calle Guanajuato is a Class II violation. (Ord. 3025, amended, 08/03/2010)