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A. As used in this section:

1. “Officer” means any person authorized to enforce city codes under AMC 1.08.005

2. “Potentially habituated wildlife,” as defined by ORS 496.731 (b), means bear, cougar, coyote and wolf.

B. A person, who knowingly places, deposits, distributes, stores or scatters food, garbage or any other attractant so as to constitute a lure, attraction or enticement for deer, raccoon, wild turkeys, or potentially habituated wildlife may be issued a written notification by an officer requiring the person to remove the food, garbage or other attractant within two days of notification.

C. A person who receives a written notification under subsection (B) of this section shall remove the food, garbage or other attractant as directed.

D. Violation – Penalty. Any violation of this section is punishable as provided under 9.08.990. (Ord. 3137, amended, 2017; Ord. 3064, added, 06/05/2012)