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A. No person shall cause, or permit on property under their ownership or control, a nuisance affecting public health. The following are nuisances affecting the public health and may be abated and/or cited as provided in the AMC:

1. Privies. An open vault or privy constructed and maintained within the City, except those constructed or maintained in connection with construction projects in accordance with the Oregon State Board of Health regulations;

2. Debris. Accumulations of debris, rubbish, manure, and other refuse that are not removed within a reasonable time and that affect the health of the City;

3. Stagnant Water. Stagnant water which affords a breeding place for mosquitoes and other insect pests;

4. Water Pollution. Pollution of a body of water, well, spring, stream, or drainage ditch by sewage, industrial wastes, or other substances placed in or near the water in a manner that will cause harmful material to pollute the water;

5. Food. Decayed or unwholesome food which is offered for human consumption;

6. Odor. Premises which are in such a state or condition as to cause an offensive odor or which are in an unsanitary condition;

7. Surface Drainage. Drainage of liquid wastes from private premises;

8. Cesspools. Cesspools or septic tanks which are in an unsanitary condition or which cause an offensive odor;

9. Slaughterhouses and Tanneries. A slaughterhouse or tannery.

10. Dust and Trackout. No person shall trackout mud, dirt, or other debris from private or public lands onto public roads without taking reasonable precautions to prevent mud, dirt, or debris from becoming airborne or washing off the site. These precautions shall include prompt removal of such material from the paved road surfaces and such other precautions including, but not necessarily limited to, the conditions listed below.

B. The City may require the imposition of building permit conditions for the prevention of trackout. Conditions imposed may include, but are not limited to the following:

The posting of a bond sufficient to assure available funds for roadway cleanup by the City if the contractor or permittee is negligent in cleanup of adjacent public roadways.

1. Street sweeping, vacuuming or other means of removing trackout material from public roadways.

2. Installation of wheel washers at exits of major construction sites.

3. Use of temporary or permanent barricades to keep traffic off unpaved areas.

4. Require graveling of access roads on site.

5. Limit the use of public roadways by vehicles.

6. Issue stop work order if trackout occurs and is not promptly corrected. A violation of a stop work order shall be considered a violation of this section. A stop work order issued pursuant to this section shall be posted at the work site and delivered personally or by certified mail to an alleged violator.

7. For access to property, paving of the entry way or driveway for its entire length or a distance of 50 feet, whichever is shorter.

C. Any violation of this section is punishable as provided under 9.08.990. (Ord. 3137, amended, 2017; Ord. 3025, amended, 08/03/2010)