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Such notice shall be served upon such owner, agent, and/or occupant in person if found upon said premises or within the City, and in case said owner, agent, and/or occupant cannot be found in person within the City after reasonable diligence and inquiry, such notice shall be posted in a conspicuous place upon said premises, and a copy thereof mailed to the last known post office address of such owner, agent, or occupant, if any such address is known, and return of service shall be filed with the Recorder; and if at the end of ten (10) days from the giving of such notice, such owner, agent, and/or occupant has failed and neglected to cut and remove such vegetation, the Fire Chief shall cause the same to be done and shall file with the Council a verified itemized statement of the expenditure occasioned thereby, and the Recorder shall cause notice to be served upon the owner, agent, or occupant in the manner hereinbefore described, such statement will be considered and determined by the Council and a lien declared upon the property involved, the time of which meeting shall be specified in the notice, more than ten (10) days from the giving of the same, and the Council shall at such meeting hear any objections to such statement, and by ordinance determine the correctness of the same, and declare such corrected amount a lien upon the property benefitted and instruct the Recorder to enter the same upon the City docket of liens in the same manner and with the same effect that street improvement liens and sewer liens are entered, and said lien shall have the same force and effect as such street improvement and sewer liens, and shall be certified to the county assessor in the same manner. (Ord. 3159 § 1, amended, 09/18/2018; Ord. 1141 § 5, amended, 1951)