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A. Code Compliance Officer: all individuals designated as such pursuant to AMC 1.08.005, including specifically the Fire Chief.

B. Fire Chief: the City of Ashland Fire Chief or his/her authorized designee.

C. Fire hazard: a written determination from the Fire Chief that the quality, condition, and/or location of vegetation creates a risk of fire.

D. Noxious vegetation: all vegetation listed on the noxious weed list promulgated by the Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Plant Division.

E. Owner: owner of real property, agent of the owner, and/or occupant of any lot or parcel of land. In the case of property subject to foreclosure as a result of bankruptcy or default of the legal owner, the City may deem the “Owner” to be the person, other than the legal owner, who has a primary lien, security, or mortgage interest in possession or control of the property or who is the deed of trust beneficiary of the property.

F. Prohibited flammable plants: all vegetation listed on the prohibited flammable plant list as approved by resolution of the City Council.

G. Summer season: between May 15 and September 30 of any year, or the end of fire season as declared by the Oregon Department of Forestry, whichever is later.

H. Weed:

1. Vegetation, grass, shrubbery, and round wood that is less than 1/4 inch in diameter and more than four inches (4") high, and

2. Vegetation that is a:

a. Health hazard, such as providing harborage for vermin;

b. Fire hazard due to the quantity and/or location; or

c. Traffic hazard because it impairs the view of a public thoroughfare or otherwise makes use of the thoroughfare hazardous. (Ord. 3159 § 1, amended, 09/18/2018; Ord. 3116, amended, 2015; Ord. 3009, added, 04/20/2010)