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A. Application forms for medical marijuana dispensary permits will be available at City offices. Applications for initial and renewal medical marijuana dispensary permits must be submitted to the City and must be signed under penalty of perjury. The application documents must include at least the following:

1. The location of the proposed facility.

2. The true names and addresses and any aliases of the persons that have, or have had within the preceding year, a financial interest in the dispensary

3. A detailed description of the type, nature and extent of the enterprise to be conducted at the proposed facility.

4. A detailed description of the proposed accounting and inventory systems for the dispensary.

5. Certification that the proposed dispensary is registered as an Oregon medical marijuana facility pursuant to ORS 475.300 to 475.346 and is licensed to conduct business in compliance with Chapter 6.04 of the Ashland Municipal Code.

6. Certification that the proposed dispensary has met all applicable requirements in Title 18 Land Use of the Ashland Municipal Code.

7. Certification that all current fees and taxes owed have been paid.

B. At the time of submission of an initial dispensary permit application, the applicant must pay a dispensary permit application and investigation fee. The fee amount shall be set by Council resolution. No portion of the dispensary permit fee is refundable in the event operation of the dispensary is discontinued for any reason.

C. A separate permit application must be submitted for each proposed dispensary location. (Ord. 3099, amended, 2014)