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For the purpose of this chapter the following definitions shall apply:

A. “Employee” means any person who is employed by any employer in consideration of direct or indirect monetary wages or profit, and any person who volunteers his or her services to a non profit entity.

B. “Employer” means any person or entity who employs the services of one or more employees.

C. “License” means a license issued under this chapter for the retail sale of tobacco products.

D. “Licensee” means the holder of a valid license for the retail sale of tobacco products.

E. “Minor” means any person under 18 years of age.

F. “Self service display” means the open display of tobacco products to which the public has access without the assistance of a store employee.

G. “Tobacco product” means any tobacco cigarette, cigar, pipe tobacco, smokeless tobacco, chewing tobacco, or any other form of tobacco which may be utilized for smoking, chewing, inhalation, or other means of ingestion.

H. “Vendor assisted sale” means a sale where only the licensee or an employee of the licensee has access to the tobacco product and assists the customer by supplying the tobacco product and where the customer does not take possession of the tobacco product until after it is purchased. (Ord. 2877, added, 11/06/2001)