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A. All filmmakers are responsible for the safety of film participants, spectators and the general public throughout the duration of the film production.

B. All filmmakers are responsible for minimizing inconvenience and disruption to citizens, businesses and City services.

C. A film permit is required for any film activities that will result in street closures or street obstructions; sidewalk closures or obstructions; exclusive parking for longer than 24 hours or longer than posted time limits; or exclusive use of City property or facilities.

D. All film activities, whether permitted or not permitted, must be conducted in full compliance with Ashland Municipal Code and specifically including: AMC Title 9 (Health and Sanitation), AMC Title 10 (Public Peace, Morals and Safety), AMC Title 11 (Vehicles and Traffic), AMC Title 15 (Buildings and Construction), and AMC Title 18 (Land Use).

In addition:

1. Before any filming on property not owned or controlled by the City takes place, the consent or permission of the person who owns or controls the property is required.

2. The film activity must not threaten or cause damage to public property.

3. Cleanup. Any filming on City-owned property must be conducted in an orderly fashion with continuous attention to the storage of equipment not in use and the cleanup of trash and debris. The area used must be clean of trash and debris within four (4) hours after completion of filming at the scene and restored before conclusion of filming-related activities on the site. If the site is not cleaned, repaired and restored to the City’s satisfaction, the City Manager will have the necessary work performed and charge the cost of the necessary work to the filmmaker.

4. The filming must not interfere with normal governmental or City operations.

5. The filming must not interfere with pedestrian or vehicular traffic unless a film permit is secured.

6. The filming must not result in an increased fire hazard, and all proper safety precautions must be taken.

7. As a courtesy to neighboring businesses and households, filmmakers must notify neighbors within a two hundred (200) foot radius of the film locations of filming activities at least seventy-two (72) hours prior to the first day of filming at that location.

8. Film activities cannot block or pose tripping hazards for pedestrians’ access on sidewalks, pathways, park land, etc.

9. Film activities cannot block parking spaces for longer than the stated limit or block vehicular or cycle traffic in streets or bike lanes unless a film permit is secured. (Ord. 3192 § 74, amended, 11/17/2020)