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A. Any sign located on a vehicle must not exceed six square feet in area on any one side of the vehicle. For purposes of this subsection, sign means any insignia, identification, description, illustration, symbol, logo, decal or printed or graphic information.

B. Upon completion and submission of a sign permit application to the Community Development Director and upon payment to the City of a fee to be established by resolution of the City council, the Community Development Director will issue to the operator of any special vehicle a special vehicle boarding zone sign permit and a special vehicle boarding zone sign. The sign is to be affixed by the operator to such post, light pole, or other location as may be specified in the permit, and only during hours the special vehicle is in operation. The sign is to be in such standardized format as the Community Development Director may specify; of approximately the same size as a standard city parking-hours sign; and designed so as to generally resemble some type of sign sanctioned in most current edition of the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices. The sign is to read “Horse Drawn Carriage/Pedicab/ {as the case may be} Boards Here.” The sign will remain the property of the City and must be returned to the Community Development Director upon expiration of the operator’s permit issued pursuant to this Chapter. The sign is deemed for purposes of AMC 18.96.030 to be an informational sign placed by the City of Ashland in the public right-of-way. (Ord. 2970, added, 10/21/2008)