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A. Taxicab Companies. A Taxicab Company shall not:

1. Allow any taxicab to be driven that has not been inspected and properly permitted, or

2. Allow persons to operate taxicabs that do not have a valid Taxicab driver permit issued pursuant to this chapter.

B. Taxicab Drivers. A taxicab driver shall not:

1. Transport a passenger to his destination by any other than the most direct and safe route, unless requested to do so by the passenger,

2. Fail to give a correct receipt upon payment of the correct fare if requested to do so by the passenger,

3. Permit additional persons to occupy or ride in the taxicab without consent of the original passenger,

4. Refuse to transport to his requested destination any passenger of proper demeanor who requests services or is assigned by a taxicab service company when the taxicab is not already in service, and who is able to demonstrate the ability and willingness to pay the fare.

5. Charge a fare higher than the posted rates, or try to defraud a passenger in any way by manipulating devices to cause a registration to be made of a greater distance or more time. (Ord. 2969, added, 10/21/2008; Ord. 2846 § 3, amended, 08/17/1999; Ord. 2846, amended, 08/17/1999)