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A. Calculation and Display of Charges. All charges for vehicle for hire services shall be calculated and displayed by a taximeter or digital dispatch system or shall be a flat fee readily discernible to passengers. When charges are to be displayed by a taximeter, the taximeter shall be placed in the vehicle for hire so that the reading dial showing the amount to be charged is illuminated and readily discernible to passengers.

B. Charges to Be Registered Only When Vehicle for Hire Is Engaged. No taximeter or digital dispatch system shall be operated in any manner so as to cause any charge to be registered thereon except during the time while the vehicle for hire is occupied by a passenger.

C. Taximeter or Digital Dispatch System to Be in Continuous Operation. No passenger shall be carried in any vehicle for hire unless the taximeter or digital dispatch system is in operation, whether or not the trip is entirely within or partially within and partially without the boundaries of the City. The taximeter or digital dispatch system shall be in continuous operation during the entire time that a passenger is being transported for compensation.

D. Specialized Charges. A vehicle for hire agency may impose a specialized charge to carry extra passengers or to deliver goods or other items so long as such specialized charge is clearly calculated and displayed before any service is provided. (Ord. 3160 § 2, added, 09/18/2018)