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A. Prior to the operation of any vehicle under the provisions of this chapter, and annually thereafter, each taxicab shall be thoroughly examined and inspected by either a Certified Mechanic or a governmental entity located within Jackson County and shall be found to be in safe operating condition. For the purpose of this section the term “Certified Mechanic” means a person certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, or its equivalent.

B. Every taxicab must have proof of its annual inspection in the vehicle. Proof of the inspection shall be submitted to the City Recorder on an annual basis.

C. A Taxicab company operating taxicabs in violation of these requirements shall be reason for revocation of the Taxicab company certificate under AMC 6.28.130. (Ord. 2969, added, 10/21/2008; Ord. 2855 § 7, amended, 2000)