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A. TNCs shall maintain accurate records and data of all trips made by all drivers for at least one year from the date of the trip. The records and data may be aggregated and/or anonymized, and shall include, at minimum, the locations by ZIP code of trip origination and destination, vehicle miles traveled, trip origination and completion times, trip duration, and passenger wait times calculated from a driver’s acceptance of a request to passenger pick-up. The City may require a TNC to enter into a data-sharing agreement in order to receive a permit.

B. All vehicles operating for or affiliated with a TNC or taxi company shall be clearly marked with the company name or logo. Vehicles operating for a taxi company shall include the taxi company name or logo, phone number, and a vehicle identification number in plain sight. Vehicles operating for or affiliated with a TNC shall be clearly marked as operating for the TNC, although any vehicle marking requirements imposed by the TNC may apply. A TNC’s digital dispatch system or website shall display for the passenger the make, model, and license plate number of the TNC vehicle for hire accepting a service request.

C. Drivers operating a transportation network vehicle may not accept street hails and may only accept rides arranged through a TNC’s digital dispatch system.

D. Vehicle for hire agencies shall implement and maintain at all times a zero tolerance policy on the use of drugs or alcohol applicable to all drivers employed by or affiliated with the agency while providing vehicle for hire services. Agencies shall provide notice of the zero tolerance policy on their website(s) and/or have it clearly displayed in each vehicle for hire. The notice must include contact information to report a complaint about a driver for possible violation of the policy. An agency shall immediately suspend a driver upon receipt of a passenger complaint alleging a violation of the zero tolerance policy for at least the duration of the investigation of the complaint. An agency shall notify the City within 48 hours of receiving any complaint against an affiliated driver.

E. Drivers shall not operate a vehicle for hire for more than 12 hours in any given 24-hour period. (Ord. 3160 § 2, added, 09/18/2018)