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A. Application. An application for a Taxicab Company Certificate shall be submitted to the City Recorder, and the application must be signed under penalty of perjury. The application documents must contain the following:

1. The name, business address and residence address of the applicant.

2. The make, type, year of manufacture, VIN number, and Seating Capacity of each vehicle that will be operated as a taxicab under the Taxicab company certificate.

3. A description of the proposed color scheme, insignia, trademark, or any other distinguished characteristics of the proposed vehicle design.

4. A list from the applicant of any violation, misdemeanor, or felony convictions, the nature of the offense, and the punishment or penalty assessed for the owner(s) and/or any officers of the Taxicab Company.

5. Proof of insurance in the manner and form required by this chapter from a responsible, solvent insurance carrier authorized to issue public liability and property damage insurance in the State of Oregon.

6. A receipt issued by the City showing payment of the nonrefundable application fee. The fee is to be set by resolution of the City council (RESO 2008-29).

7. Before any Taxicab company application is acted upon by the City Recorder, the police chief is to make an investigation within 60 days from the date the application is filed. Upon completion of such investigation the police chief is to report his findings, in writing, to the City Recorder.

B. Issuance of Certificate. The City Recorder will issue a certificate to operate a taxicab upon finding that the applicant has met the requirements of this chapter. (Ord. 2969, added, 10/21/2008; Ord. 2855 § 3, amended, 2000)