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A. Digital dispatch system. An internet-based software application, website, platform, or interface that allows for the solicitation, arrangement, or provision of vehicle for hire services and for the display of rates, the calculation of fares, or the acceptance of payment for vehicle for hire services.

B. Dynamic pricing. The pricing of transportation services as impacted by market demand, which can be an upward or downward deviation from the customary fares established by vehicle for hire agencies.

C. Limousine. A luxury motor vehicle for hire which has a chassis and wheelbase that have been lengthened beyond the original manufacturer’s specifications, whether at the time of manufacture or after, and which is used to provide prearranged transportation services under a contract or agreement for such services.

D. Limousine company. Any person operating one or more limousines, other than as a driver, regardless of whether the limousines so operated are owned by the company, leased, or owned by individual members or employees of the company.

E. Permit. The written form of permission from the City required in order to operate a business or pursue a vocation as required by this chapter.

F. Person. Any natural person, partnership, corporation, limited liability company, government entity, association, or other entity in law or fact.

G. Severe mobility limitation. A physical impairment that precludes a person’s ability to walk without the physical assistance of another person and/or the assistance of a wheelchair, stretcher, or similar device. Persons who can walk with a walker or cane but do not need the assistance of another person shall not be considered as having a severe mobility limitation.

H. Taxi. A vehicle for hire other than a limousine or transportation network vehicle.

I. Taxi company. Any person operating one or more taxis, other than as a driver, regardless of the legal form of the entity and regardless of whether the taxis so operated are owned by the company, or leased, or owned by individual members or employees of an entity.

J. Taximeter. A mechanical or electronic device which calculates and displays a fare for transportation services based on an initial fee, distance traveled, waiting time, or any combination thereof.

K. Transportation network. One or more drivers utilizing a digital dispatch system and using personal motor vehicles in the provision of transportation services.

L. Transportation network company or TNC. Any person that operates or facilitates a transportation network.

M. Transportation network vehicle. A motor vehicle which is used as a vehicle for hire and is part of a transportation network.

N. Transportation services. Motor vehicle transportation of persons or goods for compensation of any kind, except transportation provided by a public or governmental entity; transportation that is regulated entirely by the State of Oregon or the federal government; or transportation of goods provided by a person that engages solely in the transportation of goods.

O. Vehicle for hire. A motor vehicle used to provide transportation services for compensation of any kind where such services are not operated exclusively over a fixed or defined route, including taxis, limousines, and transportation network vehicles. The following vehicles shall not be considered vehicles for hire for the purposes of this chapter and are prohibited from operating as a taxi, limousine, or transportation network vehicle: (1) ambulances equipped and staffed so as to be capable of providing emergency medical services; (2) courtesy vehicles used by a hotel, motel, car rental company, residential home, parking facility, or other business where transportation is secondary to the business’ primary purpose and is provided free of charge or as part of the general overhead of the business; (3) vehicles operated by public entities; (4) delivery vehicles used exclusively for delivering property exclusive of passenger transportation; and (5) volunteer-driven vehicles operated by a person who does not receive wages, salary, or other compensation.

P. Vehicle for hire agency. A person engaged in the business of furnishing or providing one or more vehicles for hire through a digital dispatch system or by any other means, regardless of whether such business has employees or delivers its services through independent contractors. Vehicle for hire agencies include, but are not limited to, taxi companies, transportation network companies, and limousine companies.

Q. Vehicle for hire driver or driver. A person who physically operates a vehicle for hire.

R. Wheelchair-accessible vehicle or WAV. A vehicle for hire that is equipped with a hydraulic or electric lift or ramps designed for the purpose of transporting wheelchair users or persons using mobility devices or which contains any other physical device or alteration designed to permit access to the vehicle in order to provide the transportation of physically disabled persons using wheelchairs or other mobility devices. (Ord. 3160 § 2, added, 09/18/2018)