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A. Certificate. A current certificate issued under this chapter to operate a Taxicab company.

B. Commission. The City of Ashland Transportation Commission

C. City Recorder. The City of Ashland City Recorder or his/her designee authorized to perform the duties of this Chapter by the City Recorder.

D. Driver. Any person duly authorized by the City as a taxicab driver under the terms of this chapter that operates taxicabs as a driver for any permitted taxicab company, regardless of whether the vehicles operated are owned by the company, leased, or owned by individual members of the company.

E. Operate. To drive a taxicab, to use a taxicab in the conduct of business, to receive money from the use of a taxicab, or cause or allow another person to do the same

F. Person. Any individual, partnership, trust, estate, corporation, or other form of business organization recognized by Oregon law

G. Police Chief. The person holding the position of Chief of Police of the Ashland police department, or any agent, employee, or designee authorized to perform the duties of this chapter by the Police Chief.

H. Taxicab. Any motor vehicle which carries passengers for hire when the journey originates in the City and where the destination and route may be controlled by a passenger and the fare is calculated on the basis of any combination of an initial fee, distance traveled, waiting time, or a flat fee. Any vehicle which has an appearance deceptively similar to a taxicab is a taxicab for the purposes of this chapter.

I. Taxicab company. Any Person that operates taxicabs that either has its primary place of business within the City limits, or regularly conducts business within the City limits, that is authorized by the City as a Taxicab company under this chapter.

J. Taxicab driver permit. A permit issued to a driver that demonstrates the driver is an authorized taxicab driver under this chapter.

K. Translink Provider. A business or company that has been approved as a provider of transportation services by the federal government by meeting federal standards and receipt of a certificate evidencing such compliance.

L. Taximeter. A mechanical or electronic device which calculates and displays a fare based on an initial fee, distance traveled, waiting time, or any combination thereof. (Ord. 2969, added, 10/21/2008; Ord. 2865 § 1, amended, 2001)