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Every person, firm, or corporation engaged in the business of a pawnbroker or dealer in secondhand goods shall keep a record of all articles purchased or received, which record shall at all times during business hours be opened to the inspection of the Police Chief or any police officer. Every pawnbroker shall on each day before the hour of twelve (12) noon, make out and deliver to the Police Chief, on a form to be furnished by the Police Chief for that purpose, a full, true, and complete report of all goods, wares, merchandise, or things received on deposit, pledged, or purchased, and the number of the pawn ticket, amount loaned, amount purchased, and a complete description of each article left on deposit, pledged, or purchased, and each pawn ticket issued shall be numbered consecutively, and if stubs are used in connection with such pawn tickets, each stub shall be numbered consecutively to conform to the ticket. If any article so left on deposit, pledged, or purchased has engraved thereon any number, word, or initial, or contains any settings of any kind the description of such article in such report shall contain such number, word, or initial and shall show the kind of setting and the number of each kind. Forms to be obtained from the office of the Police Chief, as herein provided, shall bear a caption providing blank spaces in which shall be written or printed the date of such report, the name and place of business of the person, firm, or corporation making the report, and the hour of the day when the report is received at the office of the Police Chief. Such forms shall be so printed and subdivided as to contain spaces with proper captions for the furnishing of the information required by this ordinance. Said report shall be made in the English language, in ink, in a clear legible manner; provided, however, that no secondhand dealer shall be required to furnish a description of any property purchased from manufacturers or wholesale dealers having an established place of business, or of any purchase or purchases in the open market or secured from any person doing business and having an established place of business in the City, but such goods shall be accompanied by a bill of sale or other evidence of legitimate purchase, and must be shown to the Police Chief or any member of the Police Department upon written order of the Police Chief. The Police Chief shall immediately upon adoption and publication of the ordinance codified herein, cause such a number of forms to be printed as may be necessary for that purpose, and shall thereafter, from time to time, cause such additional forms to be printed as may be required. (Ord. 583 §2, 1914) Revised February 1996