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A. “Business activity” means conducting any occupation, calling, trade, profession, rental activity, or other transactional activities, including rental of two (2) or more dwelling units and rental of any transient lodgings, with the intent of receiving payment or other valuable consideration.

B. “Dwelling unit” means one (1) or more rooms designed for occupancy by one (1) family and not having more than one (1) kitchen or cooking facility.

C. “Employee” means any individual who performs service for another individual or organization having the right to control the employee as to the services to be performed and as to the manner of performance. For purposes of this chapter, “employee” also means a licensed real estate sales person or associate real estate broker who engages in professional real estate activities only as an agent of a real estate broker or organization.

D. “Owner” means a person who has a financial interest in a business activity or a person who actively engages in the operation of a business activity.

E. “Person” means a person, partner, partnership, limited liability company, or corporation.

F. “Rental activity” means the acceptance of payment or other valuable consideration in exchange for occupancy of two (2) or more dwelling units of any kind for any length of time or in exchange for occupancy of one (1) or more transient lodgings.

G. “Transient lodging” means property which is used or designed for occupancy by transients for dwelling, lodging, or sleeping purposes and which is rented or intended for rent on a daily or weekly basis for a charge or fee paid or to be paid for rental or use of facilities. Hotels, motels, inns, traveler’s accommodations, mobile homes, house trailers at recreational vehicle/camping parks or other fixed locations, or other similar structures or portions thereof which meet the above criteria are transient lodgings for purposes of this chapter. (Ord. 3201 § 3, amended, 08/20/2021; Ord. 3087, amended, 10/01/2013)