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A. Except for exempt or tax-capped activities specified in AMC 4.34.030, the City imposes and levies, in addition to all other taxes, fees and charges of every kind, a tax upon:

1. All food and beverages sold by restaurants located within the City to the public, except for whole cakes, pies, and loaves of bread if purchased for consumption off premises, and for alcoholic beverages;

2. All food and beverages sold by a caterer for an event located within the City, except alcoholic beverages and exempt events as defined in AMC 4.34.030.K;

3. The following items sold by combination facilities:

a. Salads from salad bars;

b. Dispensed soft drinks and coffee;

c. Sandwiches or hot prepared foods ready for immediate consumption;

d. The following items, including toppings or additions, scooped or otherwise placed into a cone, bowl or other container for immediate consumption whether or not they are consumed within the confines of the premises where scooped or placed: any frozen dessert regulated by the Oregon State Department of Agriculture under ORS 621.311 and any ice cream, ice milk, sherbet or frozen yogurt. No tax shall be imposed under this subsection, however, on any item whose volume exceeds one-half (1/2) gallon or more.

e. Any other food mixed, cooked or processed on the premises in form or quantity for immediate consumption whether or not it is consumed within the confines of the premises where prepared; and

4. The following items sold by combination facilities that are bakeries:

a. All those items listed in subsections A.3.a-d of this section;

b. All bakery products sold for consumption on the premises; and

c. All “takeout” or “to go” orders of bakery products prepared on the premises except for whole cakes, pies, and loaves of bread and any order consisting of six or more bakery products.

5. Use of a delivery service for any activity under this section, whether an independent delivery service or operator provided delivery service, does not excuse the operator from the requirement to collect and remit the tax on the food and beverages sold.

B. Such tax shall be imposed at a rate of five percent (5%) on the total amount charged by the seller for the food and beverages, or for the meal. In the computation of this tax any fraction of one-half (1/2) cent or more shall be treated as one cent.

C. The taxes collected by the City under this chapter shall be used as follows:

1. Twenty-five percent (25%) shall be paid into a parks account for purposes of acquisition, planning, development, repair and rehabilitation of City parks per adopted plans of the Ashland Parks and Recreation Commission.

2. The City may retain up to two percent (2%) of the tax collected for costs of administration and collection.

3. The following amounts for fiscal years 2017 through 2022 must be used to pay for wastewater treatment plant debt and wastewater capital improvement projects, per the City of Ashland’s Capital Improvement Plan:

a. In fiscal year 2017: $1,868,290.00.

b. In fiscal year 2018: $1,608,600.00.

c. In fiscal year 2019: $1,600,600.00.

d. In fiscal year 2020: $1,600,000.00.

e. In fiscal year 2021: $1,650,000.00.

f. In fiscal year 2022: $1,650,000.00.

4. Any taxes collected by the City under this chapter and not used as described in subsections C.1-3 of this section shall be paid into the Street Fund and used for street maintenance and reconstruction.

5. Beginning in fiscal year 2023, the Council may, through the statutory budget process, appropriate taxes under this chapter as follows:

a. Not less than twenty-five percent (25%) for the acquisition, planning, development, repair and rehabilitation of City parks.

b. Not less than an amount necessary to pay for debt service on any borrowing for street repair and rehabilitation per the City of Ashland Pavement Management Program.

c. Up to two percent (2%) for the collection and administration of the tax.

d. Except as provided in subsection D of this section, any remaining amounts shall be appropriated for purposes consistent with this chapter unless other purposes are approved by a Council-adopted ordinance enacted by a vote of the Ashland electorate.

D. The Council may decrease the rate of the tax or eliminate the tax described in subsections A and B of this section after a public hearing. Notice of the hearing shall be given by publication in a newspaper of general circulation in the City at least ten days prior to the date of the public hearing. (Ord. 3133, amended, 08/16/2016; Ord. 2991, amended, 12/01/2009)