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A. The following shall be grounds for suspension, by the Police Chief, of any permit issued pursuant to this chapter:

1. Any false or incomplete statement made on the permit application.

2. Programming of an automatic dialer to select any City of Ashland telephone line.

3. Failure to pay a false alarm fee within the time required by Section 4.32.160.

4. Maintenance, installation or use of the alarm system in violation of any applicable law, ordinance or regulation, including the requirements of this chapter.

5. Failure to provide current information as required in Sections 4.32.050, 4.32.060, 4.32.070 and 4.32.150.

6. Testing or deliberate activation of a Class V alarm system other than as authorized in Section 4.32.070.

B. If the Police Chief determines that there is cause for the suspension of a permit, a notice of suspension shall be mailed to the principal, stating that the suspension will be effective thirty (30) days after the date of mailing, unless a notice of appeal is filed with the City Recorder on or before the effective date.