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A. As a condition of any alarm system permit issued under the provisions of this chapter, the permittee shall pay to the City of Ashland, within thirty (30) days of invoice, for false alarms generated by the permittee’s alarm system a fee according to the following schedule:

First 6 false alarms in a calendar year - $15 per alarm;

Next 4 false alarms in a calendar year - $30 per alarm;

All false alarms in excess of 10 in a calendar year - $50 per alarm

The Finance Department shall notify the Police Chief monthly of any permittee who does not pay promptly.

B. Any person who has been assessed a false alarm fee may appeal such charge by giving written notice to the Police Chief within 30 days of invoice assessing such charge. Upon receipt of the appeal notice, the Police Chief shall appoint one or more supervisory officers to investigate the circumstances of the alarms upon which the appeal is based. The investigators shall notify the appellant of a time certain, not less than two (2) weeks nor more than four (4) weeks following the date upon which the appeal was filed, at or before such time certain the appellant shall file, in writing with the investigator, whatever factual information the appellant deems relevant in support of the appeal. If the investigator determines the charge to have been made in error the Police Chief shall order the invoice cancelled and notify the appellant and the Finance Director of such determination, which shall be final. If the investigator determines the charge to be proper, a full report of the findings shall be presented, together with any information filed by the appellant, to the Police Chief. The Investigator’s determination shall be filed with the Police Chief within forty-five (45) days of the time the appeal was filed. The Police Chief shall make a final determination on the disputed charges and mail notice thereof to the appellant within sixty (60) days after the filing of the appeal. If the Police Chief determines that any of the disputed charges are valid, the permit holder shall pay such charges within thirty (30) days after notice of the final decision of the Police Chief is mailed. Such decision shall be final and not subject to further appeal, notwithstanding the provisions of any other ordinance governing appeals.