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A. Class III and IV alarm system permits shall expire on June 30th of the fifth (5th) calendar year following the year of issue.

B. Class V alarm systems permits have no expiration date and shall be valid until terminated or suspended.

C. An alarm system permit of any class shall automatically terminate upon any change of principal, class of system or protected premises. No permit may be transferred to another principal, different class of system or protected premises. No refunds will be given on termination or suspension of any permit for any reason.

D. Renewal permits shall be dated July 1st. The renewal permit will not be issued until the fee is paid and a late charge of $5.00 per month will be assessed on all permit holders who do not pay the renewal fee prior to the expiration of their existing permit. The renewal application shall contain the principal’s signed statement that there have been no changes in principal, protected premises or class of alarm system. A suspended permit may be renewed only as provided in Section 4.32.170.